[Publieditorial] By preventing the dreaded complications of Diabetes

A growing number of people with Type 1 diabetes who cares about their future, their treatment, as your body and your health will be in a few or many years. And that often scares. Maintain glycemic control on optimal values ​​70 to 99 mg per 100 ml of blood *, it is one of the success factors in controlling the disease, which must be combined with a proper diet, physical activity, daily glucose monitoring and good habits. But even taking all the care required to achieve and maintain HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) target at the same time minimizing the risk of hypoglycemia can be a challenge, since the lower glycated remains, the greater the chance of hypoglycemia (desired values ​​for diabetic patients is up to 7% *) On the other hand, to maintain blood glucose levels at values ​​higher than expected, especially for a long period of time may trigger vascular injuries (often imperceptible in initial phase) and thus the feared complications affecting areas of the body such as the eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, nerves and feet. Given this daily challenge, one of the treatments used today with excellent efficiency is the infusion system is still known as insulin pump, which provides for diabetics greater freedom and flexibility in daily activities, since the equipment is what is closest to the pancreas natural. In my case, definitely, this treatment has improved the quality of life that did not exist before – better control, glycated more stable, more hand and flexibility to physical activity and nutrition. What once was a taboo for me (walking all the time with that little machine attached to my body, go to the beach, swimming pool … how about it?) Fell to the ground, because everything is perfectly adaptable! And the pump hardly disturbs me, not even to sleep. Was enough adapt to the new reality: now she only helps me! And the complications acquired over these 36 years, have stabilized. Moreover, today there are still pump options that use a sensor to monitor the patient’s glucose level, technology possibiltou an important advance for patients who have no symptoms of hypoglycemia: the pump stops working when blood glucose is low. Through this mechanism, the insulin pump displays the glucose trends and complement treatment, reducing the need for finger tips. With the help of the healthcare team, you can decide which option is best for the patient. To illustrate the benefits of treatment with the insulin pump, Medtronic is launching an awareness campaign in order to bring more and more diabetics this reality. Through this material is possible to follow the testimony of people who have had a significant improvement in their daily lives after the start of treatment with the pump as well as better understand how it works and whether it is the ideal treatment for you. To view, click here: Pdf_REDUZIR RISCO DE COMPLICACOES LR * Reference values ANAD (National Association of Assistance to Diabetico)

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