Diabetes Club on Tour de Cure !!!! (Check out how was the event)

PREPARATION FOR THE BIG DAY (the odyssey to arrive in Aurora) For a long time I did not give a step as I gave this weekend. Who knows me knows I’m a dreamy cream, which run behind what I believe, but I confess that I walked somewhat accommodated about my interests in general. Tried in various ways to return to the market, the opportunities that appeared were not good. I think it was “collected inside the shell” …. and decided to leave the cocoon! As I have said in another post, my sister had called me to go to Chicago, I had faltered because of the dollar and the lack of money, until it appeared the chance to participate in the Tour de Cure. Ah, the Tour de Cure … I’ve been dreaming of this event a few years …. and right now? The Anick (sister) would be in Chicago from June 11. I’d 15th, if it was, and the Chicagoland was one away as much of the city, an hour and a half train, and about 45 minutes from Downtown Chicago by car. How could only enter the friend’s apartment my sister on Monday 9 DAY 15) and the tour was a day before that, I did not like: I had to COME !!!!! = D then I planned to embark on Friday, Valentine’s Day. BE A HUSBAND IT’S NOT ENOUGH, HAVE TO ENGAGE! Do you know where was our Valentine’s Day? At Café Suplicy terminal 3 of Guarulhos. Luiz was warrior, took me there before 7 am (besides the rotation check in was 10:30). And how was hurt early birds, and even after a super sleepless night! And let the beagle with the stone fruit calling me to play? I cried! But I had a really great way to go !!!! Go Red Riders!!! (Watchword that everyone shouted for diabetics who were pedaling)

This is the shirt of diabetics who cycled

This is the shirt of diabetics who cycled

WHAT THE AIRCRAFT IS ABLE TO DO WITH ME I do not like plane (someone like, by any chance?), And unfortunately suffer from pain in the legs on long flights. So I went on such seat comfort. Nine hours. Until then, ok. It’s not cooomfy, but it helped a lot in the final destination, I was a little less destroyed. Only at the end is that I started to feel in earnest the weight of 9-hour flight. But there was a connection along the way. And the staff of the Airline did not inform me correctly as it should do with the bags (usually US vc have to, in the country’s entrance, grab your bags, pass the x-ray dispatches them again). I only had two hours to it. And then he began the complication, who made the glycemic take off with the second. Flight: take the suitcase, they sent me to the wrong line, I had to make a new check in, and not needed. Almost, almost. That stress! Already on another flight, about two and a half hours, completely finished, tired, aching legs and the middle high blood glucose, took some turbulence along the way and I like’m terrified that, I was really nervous. Nervous as well. I arrived in Chicago about 1:30 hours late, and still had to pick up the luggage, taxi, check in at hotel. You know when it seems that his forces came to an end? I think that was the day! And hungry, no place to eat (the internal flight did not eat), I ended up surrendering to heat and mega booster Cho (beloved) Chai latte with a rolling. Perhaps with a 2000 calories. But ….. this was the only option. Arriving at the hotel, which was actually a Hostel (for one night only). Nice place, crowded, moderninho. BUT, as the witch was released, I was super battered by the receptionist. Slept heavy. RUSH,
 Blood sugar before going to sleep after so many events and little sleep and food: 150 Morning blood glucose after a night through hectic, but better than utlimas: 280 / Tchan! WHY DO SO MUCH FOOD AND REST ON A LACK OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE? I who am not very passionate about kunk food, I often suffer when they do not have healthy options. And Saturday was well there. The hostel’s breakfast was terrible: peanut butter, butter, sweet jam, fresh orange juice, bread, muffin. Is only. Of course, I ate poorly, ran to the train.

Boarding the train to the city of Aurora

Boarding the train to the city of Aurora

Only then I started to relax indeed. I tried not to go too long without eating, and took the nuts mix I bought the night before, hidratei well. It was great to have done it because I will only get lunch by 16:00. I confess I was so tired when I got back to the room (which had no restaurant), the receptionist provided a generous bottle of milk and went to sleep. Sleepless night PRE PEDALING? Nooo !!! There’s something that you can not control: our head! I was too busy !!!! It was not fear, anxiety was right! I would attend the return of most important bike of my life !! And in the midst of people I’ve never seen !!!! I slept badly, I woke up several times. And I came out flying for the moment X. See the videos of you tube!!! https://youtu.be/wAH_7gC73qM THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED! THE RIDE OF MY LIFE Oh, who is the Minhe generation will remember that the Dirty Dancing movie music …. because I was that morning, singing the music alone and making the pun “time” for “ride”. I felt like a happy child! = D Now I’ve had the RIDE of my life

I'M HERE!!!!!

I’M HERE!!!!!

No, I’ve never felt like this before Yes I swear it’s the truth And I owe it all to you I arrived a little before 9, went to the desk, picked up my paperwork, bike, etc. I talked to several people, everyone was very excited when I talked about where it was !!!! Of course, surprised … what was a Brazilian in the middle of the United States? IN AURORA? And alone ??? It was really cool to interact with these people !!!!! Look what the Diabetes, and Diabetes Club has provided me !!!! NB:I changed my 10 mile route for 20 miles (about 36 km Oh, I did not go to Aurora to ride only 16 km !!!.;)) Shirt in place, it was time to look for people of Team Red. How did not know anyone personally, I ended up not finding team people that would make my route …. but off I went with my red shirt and walked into the middle of the crowd ready to begin!!!!! In fact, at least for me, this kind of activity until you make with friends, but we can not be together all the time, because each has a rhythm !!!!! VERY EXCITING It’s hard to describe all I felt during the three hours of pedaling. I was a bit lost, of course, but I was so happy, so the will, so excited, everything, everything flowed. The scenery was beautiful, the way was coasting around the Fox River, going through scenarios that we see in movies …. those wooden houses with huge lawns facing the river, birds singing, so quiet !!!! We spent pro villages, always circumventing the park (I have attached here the map and some pictures I was taking when I could).

Impressed by the scenery !!!

Impressed by the scenery !!!

RIDE 2They had the round trip and back 3 points for a quick rest, where they were offered water, Gatorade, fruit and some edibles. All very well thought out, with volunteers always very excited and attentive! All those bells swinging encouraging in pedaling, pedaling, pedaling. And the cool thing: all diabetics are identified because they use red camisera of Red Riders (Riders Red = diabetes type 1 or 2). Every time a Red Rider goes, everybody scream “Go Red Rider! “ and often you shout to another diabetic !!!! = D After a while, people will be “spreading”, each in their own tour (trying to keep the speed of about 4.5 miles / hour), and I was enjoying some alone time …., enjoying , watching. That was a time as mine, so intimate and so strong, that thrilled me many times. In this video, in full, you guys can see what I’m saying here  https://youtu.be/F7JrssXiVBs It was delicious, it was fantastic. I did not want had happened so fast. After reaching the finish line, we are greeted with a lady party, people screaming, bells ringing, speaker wishing welcome …. like a competition. But this ná there are winners …. all are! And all Red Riders have their daily and private battle. All receive lunch and a drink (yes, we won a beer! = D), in a moment of sensational interaction. I met very nice people, even a couple who lives me Chicago, born in San Francisco, to my surprise, bike simply because your friend’s friend has diabetes. End of story. That may have been what impressed me most in the American I met on this trip: they participate in a cause to the end.

ADA's volunteers

ADA’s volunteers

Massage won the Team Red, I signed up, had a table in the VIP wing, and it was there I met a piece of the team. THE volunteers were sensational, as did friends on Facebook !!!! New friends! J I felt very well received, it was really a general surprise when they learned that I was from Brazil. What I heard most was “I came from Brazil just to ride?”. And in reality, the big reason for this trip was even this ride. Chicago was the result. If there were the tour, I hardly would have made the trip at that time …..

Canino voluntário ;)

Canino voluntário 😉

I want to thank deeply all those who were involved with this my decision and supported me in some way to achieving this trip: my husband, my sister and my mom, my friends Julia, Monica (who with Hi Clean made me ride with a uniform sensational!), Jean Alexandre, and the other friends who are also providing their donations to the ADA. Thank you for helping me to realize this dream! Yes, that was back in my life. Was important because the journey was mine, I did everything myself, I shot the cliff without knowing in fact WHAT would find. I met wonderful people, kind, engaged and that showed me that when you believe in a cause, must follow this motto no matter how difficult this will be. Just be persistent, be brave, be kind and grateful. More than a dream come true, this was a very innovative learning. It was fantastic. And it was just the beginning. Because I did not come here just to say that I rode in Chicagoland. I came here to see, learn, and take this with me to Brazil. After all, now I AM a Red Rider. And it will continue to be, and take that to my work here in Brazil. Follow some pictures and movies at you tube and instagram. And thank you once again for joining me! Go Red Rider! *** All the photos of the trip will be You add so I get Sampa. There tell some experiences with food, hassles, etc. Things that happen on all travel, fleeing to planning. Then tale calmly as I got out of those situations ok? Kisses to everyone with affection, directly from Chicago! ***

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