Clube do Diabetes on Tour de Cure !

There was once a girl who dreamed , too ! Every phase of her life, she had a dream. And to the extent possible d , did happen. Wanted to do in high school school girlfriends , the Vestibulinho was disputed.The night before, went to the matinee of the club and his brother, who was going to get it suffered a car accident and lost an eye . The night was terrible , but it was nonetheless provide proof . And I went in the second Place. Just not studying at that school since moved to the inside with parents. There lived a full adolescence , happy, with all the freedom in the big city she could not enjoy . Was very good! And when the time came for college entrance , I had already decided years before that would make Advertising at ESPM . His father, who was the biochemical pharmaceutical, marketer and gave pharmacology classes, mkt and economy did not. But it went hidden São Paulo, made ​​vestibular pro enrollment, paid , and went on : of the 153 placed on the first list , there was her name at the 53rd . Position. And so in the first stage , and then in the pharmaceutical in which she dreamed for about four years . Many things happened along its life. Health problems , financial problems , diabetes brought the dreaded complications, which forced it to make changes in your life. And it lives very well , thank you. Why am I telling this story ? Because that person woe upon me! Things for me were never very easy . For a long period we had everything , we had a very good life! But things have changed , and in the midst of a difficult reality , had to at least believe I could achieve . And that’s what I did. It worked . After so many years of revolt with diabetes , I realized that the more I brigasse , the more I was going to lose . When I came to accept me , I understand that this was my condition .Treatment has improved, and in 2012 came the blog , along with it the willingness to help other diabetics, and if possible, prevent it myself caused me ( retinopathy , nephropathy ) happen to other people . Since I started to relate to this world , I began to search , seek referrals and receive magazines of national and international associations. And it was this that I found Tour de Cure. I found it interesting, because the name refers to the Tour de France, a race cycling (one of the world’s leading perhaps) what happens on the roads of France and always watched during spinning classes. And always wanted to participate. At all times we traveled, the evidence dates in the city where I was never coincided. Until the coincidence came this year! My sister is scheduled to travel Chicago since the beginning of the year for the graduation of a dear friend and it will be for a few days. She had invited me, but I confess that the money is well short to travel now (those who follow me on instagram know which end of the year is World Diabetes) and high dollar does not help much. Until I was looking at some reports the ADA and looked for the Cure tour (just for the sake of conscience): EXACTLY will happen on the date that my sister is. I went mad, mad husband, sister, mother. He started the go go to make it happen. Not that it worked ????? What a joy!!!! And what birthday gift !!!! My mother gave me the ticket, the hosting will not need. Thus, the trip was made possible! I want you following the trip huh? Follow all the social networks of the Diabetes Club! And what is the Tour de Cure? This event is sponsored by the ADA ( American Diabetes Association) to raise funds (donations ) for research , information for diabetes prevention , legal support , public awareness activities . Anyone can participate because it requires no advanced level, ie , no need to be a professional cyclist . Participate in type 1 diabetes , type 2 , family, friends

Tour de Cure ADA

Tour de Cure ADA

Each registered rider has a minimum collection *** donations to attend the event , everything reverts to the association ( this being the most difficult part here ) . There are people riding own team with friends, family , individual pedal cyclists, or you can join an existing team ( my case) . What matters is the union for the same reason: Stop Diabetes! ***If you are interested in making a donation , see the post tomorrow with the tips . Or send an email to They accept donations from $ 10 . Was thinking the other day … it would be so nice if we had something like this here in Brazil , does not it? Will we ever succeed ? I am very curious to see it up close , it is organized , motivation, engagement , the beginning of the tour to end. I have trained legal to endure the ride no alarms (for now chose the 10 miles stretch of about 16 km, but I may move on if I think I well ) , I am following power with the nutritionist, sleeping well . The Father of Heaven help me in this whole new experience ! = D

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